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    Answers to frequently asked questions.

    What does the word pHom mean?

    The Norwegian word for “rumen” is vom. The -v is replaced by -pH and refers to the product functionality. pHom Norway ensures a long-lasting stable pH in the rumen so that every cow gets more energy from the silage.

    What is pHom Norway?

    pHom Norway is 100% natural and based on plant-based minerals and trace elements. These are sustainably harvested from crystal clear and arctic waters off the coast of Norway.

    Does the product composition change?

    No. Norwegian waters determine the nutritional composition. This is stable, transparent, and pure. Nothing is added to pHom Norway, so you are guaranteed the same product composition.

    Where does pHom Norway come from?

    The product is sustainably harvested from crystal clear and arctic waters off the coast of Norway. As a result, pHom Norway is rich in nutrients in perfect balance and relation to each other.

    Does pHom Norway meet VLOG criteria?

    Yes, pHom Norway is GMO certified.

    How do I use pHom Norway?

    pHom Norway is easy to dose in the feed wagon. Daily 3 to 3.5 ozs per animal per day in the TMR or PMR ration. Do you feed single sodium bicarbonate, buffer packs, or limestone? With pHom Norway, this is no longer necessary.

    How does pHom Norway work?

    pHom Norway reacts to restore the balance in the rumen. At the same time, bioavailable minerals are absorbed by the rumen.

    Does every cow need pHom Norway?

    Yes, because pHom Norway works pH-controlled. A long-term optimal pH in the rumen for each cow ensures that rumen microbes work even harder and longer to get more energy and results from the silage.

    When will I see the first results?

    This varies per dairy farm. In general, dairy farmers tell us that they see the first change after 4 – 6 weeks and experience more benefits the longer they use pHom Norway.

    Is pHom Norway GMP+ certified?

    Yes, the producer is GMP+ certified.