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Experience Dekker Farm: “Converting more roughage into milk…”

“Our ration is rich in sugar. It ferments quickly. Yet we see a nice manure consistency…”

Dave Dekker


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Dave has a passion for grasslands. And passion pays off! In 2021, Dave was nominated as the best grassland farmer in the Netherlands. He won the Golden Blade of Grass for his innovative ideas around grass use.

The dairy farm near Amsterdam needed more space for this enthusiastic family’s ambitions. So, they bought an existing dairy farm in Denmark. The Dekker family has lived in Lemming since February 2023.

Dave saw the story of fellow dairy farmer HK Holsteins and sought more consistent results from a solid roughage base. They were also feeding sodium bicarbonate, but Dave was not satisfied with the effect on the palatability of the ration. Sjoerd van der Helm’s story appealed to him. In June 2023, Dekker Farm started with pHom Norway. Since then, they have achieved promising results during summer, autumn, and winter. We visited them to get inspired and enthused by Dave and Kelly.

Why did Dekker Farm start pHom Norway?

How do you get more energy from your roughage with pHom Norway?

What do you experience during roughage changes?

What results are you seeing with pHom Norway?

Why do you continue to use pHom Norway?

Would you recommend pHom Norway to other dairy farmers?

Dave Dekker replies, “Yes, definitely. I regularly talk to dairy farmers around here about pHom Norway and what it can do for their cows. The more roughage you can convert to milk, the more stable the ration, and the higher the margins you yield annually.”

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