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Are you looking for more energy from your silage with every cow?

You can! Start today with 3 oz per cow daily!

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How do you gain more energy from your silage to yield optimal results? How do you manage variation in silage, your ration, and heat stress with the risk of rumen acidosis?

Every cow reacts differently to the same ration. The vast majority look healthy and have a good manure consistency. However, some cows have lower production, poor manure consistency, or even foam on the manure.

What if you could get more Energy from your silage, leading to improved cow comfort and easy management?

ruwvoer pHom Norway


The rumen is the engine in the cow. The rumen microbes provide the nutrients to the cow. They break down the feed to form volatile fatty acids. 70% of a cow’s energy comes from volatile fatty acids.

Acetic acid controls milk fat content, propionic acid is essential for glucose, and butyric acid gives energy to the rumen. Lactic acid provides milk yield, but an excess causes rumen acidosis.

How do you ensure the rumen thrives to deliver efficient and optimum performance?

pHom Norway drives efficient and optimum performance of the rumen.

Ruwvoer melkvee pHom Norway


pHom Norway provides long-term stable rumen pH. This allows rumen microbes to work even harder and longer to extract more Energy and performance from the silage.

pHom Norway gives the rumen more Energy, 365 days a year for every cow! pHom Norway helps to optimize the rumen pH in every cow daily.

When the rumen pH is optimal, pHom Norway has low reactivity. When the rumen pH drops and acidifies, the plant-based and arctic minerals start reacting and restoring the rumen’s natural balance, resulting in an optimum and stable pH. Secondly, the minerals in pHom Norway are absorbed by the rumen wall.

That’s the Energy of Mother Nature!


Weather conditions, grazing, soil type, fertilization, and other factors affect the rumen’s environment. A long-term and stable pH reduces the chance of rumen acidosis significantly.

3 to 3.5 oz pHom Norway per cow daily in your TMR is all you need. pHom Norway supports:

  • higher yields from your silage;
  • stimulates milk yield, fat, and protein;
  • supports the fermentation of energy and fiber;
  • works for every ruminant and every ration 365 days a year;
  • easy management!

pHom Norway is 100% natural and includes plant-based minerals and trace elements. These are sustainably harvested from the crystal clear and arctic waters off the coast of Norway and produced by Greenitives Norway AS.

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More Energy from your silage!

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More Energy from your silage!